Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Interesting Celery Fact No. 144

A little known study first published in the Journal for the Nutritional Sciences in 1985 theorises that the consumption of a kilogram or more of celery daily enhances the cognitive processes to the extent the it should be possible to complete a doctoral thesis in less than a year. The study was conducted by the relatively unknown K Rashkova in Bulgaria and debate rages to this day as to the accuracy of these claims with some even suggesting that the hypothesis was made with no actual experimental data. In the original paper Rashkova highlighted his theory with some provisional data with the promise of a fuller statistical breakdown when his trials were concluded. However nothing more was heard and he has still not obtained his own doctoral thesis. Recent consensus is that the Rashkova may have succumbed to an extended bout of what doctors tend to refer to as 'wishful thinking'.

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